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June 4-6 2024  •  Charlotte Convention Center  •  Booth 2214 – J&J Precision

New Acquisition for J&J

J&J Precision is excited to announce the new acquisition of equipment and tooling as we get back into the manufacturing of pen tips, bands, and plungers for pens, made in the USA in Thomaston, CT.

At one time, 30 plus years ago, J&J manufactured these parts and several other components, clips, ferrules, etc. for the pen industry but saw the demand for domestic production dwindle as it moved offshore for less cost.

Post Covid, supply chain, logistics, higher metal prices, and issues with shipping, there has been a resurgence in this product line. Unlike many companies that went offshore for cheaper production costs, there remained a few that continued to purchase from domestic manufacturers.

A company who was looking to get out of the metal deep draw of pen components, reached out to us to see if we were interested in manufacturing these parts for them. Our team traveled to the site to visually inspect the equipment, tooling, etc. to the best of our ability and get a better understanding to what was at stake.

Once the due diligence was completed, the work began: signing contracts, setting up accounts, arranging riggers to pick up equipment, tooling, material, etc. Machines were transferred on June 30th, 4 weeks from our first initial visit. As with the equipment, electricians were hired, machines setup, wiring, drop lines for air, etc., positioning equipment for production.

Part of the due process was receiving material and plating costs to establish pricing, setting up supplier agreements, accounts payable and receivable, terms, purchase orders and delivery schedules, and communication with several customers as inventory began to drop.

Just last month, one customer flew in from out of state for a meet and greet, tour, and to inspect production parts. As he watched parts coming off the machine, he stated, “I’m impressed a company could step up to this challenge in such a short period and make it happen.”

We work for moments like these.

Not only are we excited to get back to our roots. But we are beyond grateful for the trust this company put in us and to deliver the quality product their customers expect and deserve.

This was a team effort, not one person, an entire team and departments working together, unprecedented to say the least, we got it done.

Now the real work begins, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

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