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Welcome to J & J Precision, Inc.

Welcome to J & J Precision, Inc.

J&J Precision is an ISO 9001:2015 company that provides world class service and quality metal products to a wide variety of industries.

Our precision components can be found in automobiles, appliances, cosmetics, hardware, electronics, valves, locks, and medical applications throughout the world. Our metal stamping specialties cover a broad range of operations that include, short run & prototypes, continuous strip stamping, drawn eyelets, specialty stamping, specialty machining, progressive stampings, blank and special forms, swaging and coining.

J&J Precision also performs a variety of specialty procedures such as; flares, ribbing, flanges, bulging, curling, thread rolling, beading, knurling, lancing, form piercing, embossing, welding, laser tube cutting and laser marking. We also provide assembly and sub-assembly services.

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J&J Precision

An ISO 9001:2015 company that has instilled a cultutre of precisions in our employee. This has enabled our company to grow and create billions of components with a wide range of uses

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