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Surcharge Fees Update

Dear J&J Precision Customer,

It continues to be a pleasure and honor to manufacture high quality components for you during these unsettling times. The volatility of metal prices and metal availability is a new era for all of us, especially in the metals manufacturing industry. As we keep you apprised of these changing conditions, we know transparency and open communication is the key to a true partnership.

In recent months, with rising oil and gas prices, raw material deliveries and all outside services have implemented a surcharge fee. Initially, we expected these fees to be temporary, however surcharge fees have become a new added cost of doing business. Metal suppliers and outside service companies who provide cleaning, plating, and heat­treating services, have added this new line-item cost.

For the past several months, J&J Precision has absorbed these increases. Unfortunately, we cannot continue this practice. J&J Precision will begin assessing all surcharge costs associated with your product orders. Please note, a new surcharge line-item may be included to capture these costs on future quotes and invoices.

If there are any immediate concerns, please feel free to contact us.

We thank you in advance.


Robert Oppici
VP Sales