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Navigating Supply Chain Issues

J&J Is Here to Help​

As the pandemic continues to disrupt the supply chain with unforeseen issues, J&J Precision is a domestic source you can trust, and we will work earnestly to serve our customers and address these issues head-on. Let’s make dependency on foreign suppliers a thing of the past!

In order to better serve you and eliminate any disruptions, creating an accurate inventory will be invaluable.

In other words… We can have it on-hand and ready to go if we know, in advance, what you need.

How We Can Work Together

Managing supply chain issues is a complicated business, and even under the best conditions forecasting demand is tricky. We ask and encourage you to work with us to assist in managing the current situation and help all of us better serve our customers.

Here are some things you can do to minimize the impact:

    • Predict Product Demand: Demand forecasting allows for the prediction of product demand in even the most specific of situations. While no one can predict the future with complete accuracy, relying on patterns and making informed decisions based on past and present data will be extremely helpful going forward.

    • Communicate Large Orders in Advance: As a result of the increased orders amid the ongoing pandemic, it is more difficult for our manufacturing operations and suppliers to react to increases in demand. Large order notifications will improve our ability to proactively address your demand requirements, all of which will improve lead time.

    • Commit to One Year or More of Inventory: To best minimize the risk of supply chain disruptions, we would like to purchase vast quantities in advance to stay ahead of the game. Instead of taking orders per quarter, we’re asking customers to commit to a year or more of inventory so we can buy materials now and secure pricing.  

Forecasting puts the power back into your hands. The impact of price changes can be predicted and handled accordingly. Therefore, saving you money!

Together, we will continue to navigate this challenging situation focusing on safety while taking care of each other, our customers, and our communities.

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