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New Ordering Process

Dear Valued Customer,

During these unprecedented times with supply chain, labor constraints, COVID and the Omicron variant, raw material continues to have a major impact on our industry.

During the 4th quarter of 2021, we addressed these issues hoping to see a change in 2022.

Unfortunately, we are confronting the opposite. Suppliers are quoting up to 30 weeks and longer to obtain raw materials.

To reduce inventory lead times and maintain better inventory control, we are encouraging our customers to review your purchasing requirements and contact J&J to place orders ahead of your normal purchasing practices. We highly recommend placing orders 6 months to a year out to avoid this delay.

We will secure metal, manage your delivery requirements while providing you full insight of the supply chain dilemma.

The more information shared among us, helps manage and mitigate the risks from market volatility and supply chain complexities.

We thank you in advance,

JB Maxwell,